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Ongoing training and education are the keys to successfully adapting to today’s constantly changing business environment. Whether you are training yourself, your employees or your customers, targeted skill training and knowledge help you not only to compete, but to flourish in this environment. At Biz Trainer we provide education, training and speaking that is entertaining as well as informative. Let the Biz Trainer develop and deliver your next edutainment, host your sales meeting or special event or provide you a workshop designed to address the specific needs of your business.

Biz Trainer provides you many diverse delivery choices:

  • Keynotes, Speaking and Seminars
  • Training and Workshops
  • Edutainment
  • Facilitation & Instruction
  • Interactive Development & Production Services


“ Edutainment” is a training that is cleverly designed to educate and entertain the audience as well. Seminars and workshops that inform or sell, customer or employee motivation and entertainment, keynotes to key executives or customers – all good uses of our diverse edutainment portfolio and topics.

We have created characters (link to Edutainment Characters page) like the Front Porch Philosopher, the Old Sea Dog, Stanley Gitmore and others to bring your special message to life and laughs. Let us assist creating the mood or making an entertaining point at your next meeting or event with services such as:

• Employee meeting warm ups, cheerleading and inspiration
• Master of Ceremonies
• Event promotion and traffic building events or features
• Sales meeting themes and energizers
• Multi-media presentations and interactive communications products


We provide complete “results-driven” training solutions that can be delivered onsite at your company, at our facilities, or in easy to use DVD or audio formats. Whether you choose from our existing programs, use our strategic training partners, or we develop your program from concept -- your employees or customers will receive quality, entertaining and always innovative solutions.

Our customized training curriculum is targeted in the areas of:

  • Creativity and Innovation for Results
  • Business & Leadership Development
  • Effective Business Management
  • Interpersonal and Group Communications
  • Marketing & Sales Improvement
  • Real Estate Education & Consulting

Our promise is to provide flexible, customized support for your business education and training goals that result in adding value and skills to you and your company, creating success.

Course Development & Instruction

We can take your idea, process or communication need and develop a training course in a format that suits your needs. You are the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and we serve as the training developer or deliver your message as an instructor for your training. Combined with our strategic training partners, no project is too large or complex for our development and delivery capabilities

Existing Education and Training Topics

Many topics have been developed and can be and presented in a variety of formats such as: a keynote (1hr or less), seminar (2-4 hrs), workshop (4-8 hrs) and training (1 or more days). Each subject area can be delivered “as is”, or completely customized to your business and specific needs. We will be happy to discuss your customization needs and send you content descriptions.





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