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Just like our medical counterpart, the Biz Doctor employs assessment, diagnosis and treatment to help your small business get results and stay well. Our approach is logical and straightforward:

  1. We ASSESS where you are and what you have implemented in the business based on your original vision, goals and current market conditions. We evaluate your performance and needs based on our unique seven “Ps”: 1)personal, 2)planning, 3)people, 4)promotion, 5)persuasion, 6)performance and 7)profit. Based on that assessment we provide you with a comprehensive report on the current condition of your company.
  2. We then DIAGNOSE the highest priority business issue or issues for you to tackle to get the best results quickly.
  3. Finally, we propose a TREATMENT PLAN that offers you options to address the issues discovered. These treatment options are diverse and on demand. That means you only implement what you feel is necessary and within your budget at this time. However, you always have a long-range wellness plan and the Biz Doctor “on call” to help you with advice, coaching or training as you require.

Our goal is to provide advice and support to professionals and small business owners in order to help them recognize and implement ways to improve their business. This improvement is not limited to any specific area in the business. Our innovative business solutions typically show up in the areas of:

  • personal time and money management advice
  • strategic business planning
  • leadership and employee development and training
  • improving cash flow and profitability
  • implementing business systems & procedures
  • improved sales or marketing results
  • customer retention and service
  • more cost-effective business communications on the web, print advertising, direct marketing, events and public relations
  • innovation of the company’s products, process, management or marketing
  • development of teams, quality control and strategic partnerships that help the company to grow and thrive even in difficult economic times
  • in any combination that the business owner needs!

At Biz Doctor, we help you make good decisions about your business. You drive the coaching with your vision. We help you turn that vision into strategies and actions that can be planned and implemented. As you implement, Biz Doctor will provide the business owner with the accountability necessary to drive your ideas to fruition. We deliver affordable and practical ideas and advice that WORK! And, we help you take it through the implementation to success if you need our execution assistance. Biz Doctor is your trusted business advisor and coach.

Advice and coaching can be delivered in many ways. These include:

  • one-on-one mentoring
  • consulting
  • assessment & profiles
  • group coaching of multiple businesses
  • seminars & workshops

Biz Doctor provides business advice and coaching utilizing proven methodologies of coaching and consulting. Van Carpenter is a Certified Business Coach and can provide you with the coaching you need to address your business issue.






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